Suraj water park people’s Attraction

Suraj Water Park is a water park situated in Thane, which is a city in the province of Maharashtra, India. Suraj water park people’s Attraction-The recreation area offers an assortment of water slides, wave pools, and other water-based attractions for guests, everything being equal. It is known for its enormous size, very much kept up with offices, and tomfoolery rides, like the Dark Opening, the Apathetic Stream, and the Tornado.

The recreation area likewise offers food and drink choices, evolving rooms, and storage offices for guests. Suraj Water Park is a famous object for families and gatherings searching for tomfoolery and invigorating outing during blistering climates.

Suraj water park entry fees

  •  800 per person for Adults
  •  650 per person for Child [From 3’5″ to 4’5″ feet]
  •  Free per person for Child [Below 3’5″ feet]
  •  100 per locker rent (Rs. 70 is refundable)

Suraj water park ticket price

Entry Fee : Kids: (Height between 3’.6” to 4’.6”) – INR 650
Kids (Height below 3’.6”) – No Entry Fee
Adults (Height above 4’.6”) – INR 800

Suraj water park rides

Suraj Water Park is a famous water park situated in Thane, Maharashtra, India. It has different rides and attractions for guests, all things considered. Here are probably the most famous rides at the park:

Black hole

Black hole: This ride is a mix of the water slide and thrill ride, with exciting bends in the road in complete murkiness.

Wave pool

Wave Pool: This is an enormous pool with fake waves, where guests can swim and loosen up in the water.

Lazy River

Lazy River: This is a sluggish stream ride where guests can drift along on tubes.


Tornado: This is a high-velocity ride where guests slide down a lofty incline and enter a channel-like construction that twirls them around prior to dropping them into a pool.

Royal Castle

Royal Castle: This is a youngsters’ play region with different water slides, sprayers, and waterfalls.

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure: This is a pontoon ride where guests float through a wilderness-themed region with turns, turns, and drops.

Thunder waves

Thunder Waves: This is a slide with fast drops and turns that reproduces the experience of riding a wave.

These are only a couple of the many rides and attractions accessible at Suraj Water Park. Guests can likewise appreciate food and beverages at the park’s eateries and bistros, and there are a few shops selling trinkets and other things.

Suraj water park entry fee with food package

As of my knowledge, as of September 2021, the section charges for Suraj Water Park were as follows:

Grown-ups (level above 4’6″): Rs. 1100
Kids (level somewhere in the range of 3’3″ and 4’6″): Rs. 800
Senior residents (age 60 or more): Rs. 700
These costs might have changed from that point forward, so it’s ideal to check with the recreation area straightforwardly for the most exceptional data.

As far as food bundles go, Suraj Water Park offers various choices. Probably the most well-known bundles include:

Unlimited food and soft drinks: This bundle permits guests to appreciate limitless food and sodas from the recreation area’s assigned eateries and bistros. The expense of this bundle is regularly around Rs. 450-500 for every individual.

Meal coupons: Guests can likewise buy feast coupons ahead of time, which can be reclaimed at any of the recreation area’s food outlets. The expense of these coupons changes depending on the number of dinners and the sort of food advertised.

It’s significant that external food and beverages are not permitted in the recreation area, so guests might need to consider buying a food bundle to abstain from going hungry during their visit.

Suraj water park booking

Booking tickets for Suraj Water Park should be possible in a couple of ways:

Internet booking: Guests can book tickets for Suraj Water Park on the park’s true site. Essentially select the ideal date of visit and number of tickets required, and continue to installment. After the installment is finished, the tickets will be messaged to the predefined email address.

Booking through outsider sites: Some outsider sites additionally offer passes to Suraj Water Park, frequently at limited rates. Guests can look for such sites on the web and adhere to the directions for booking.

On-location booking: Guests can likewise buy tickets at the park’s entry upon the arrival of their visit. Nonetheless, this may not be the most advantageous choice as there might be long lines during the top season.

It’s actually significant that Suraj Water Park might have various approaches set up for booking tickets and visiting the park because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Guests are encouraged to check the park’s site or call the park straightforwardly for the most cutting-edge information on booking and well-being measures.

Conclusion for Suraj water park people’s Attraction

We have seen information about why Suraj water park has become people’s attraction in the Mumbai area. It is the best place for summer vacations. Weekend holiday best spot for people who lived in crowded Mumbai. We tried to give as much as information. I hope you will like this article Suraj water park people’s Attraction.

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